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Symbian Series 60 FAQ

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This is a little Series 60 FAQ.
Series 60 is an User Interface (UI) for Symbian OS.

It is based on my experience with Symbian OS phone with Series 60 I had (Nokia 3650/6600/6630/N-Gage QD, Siemens SX1) and of what I’ve learned through research on the net. Most common S60 phones are considered.

This tips & tricks should work on all phone models with this UI.


Q: Can Nokia Series 40 Games be played on Series 60 phones?
A: Yes, but they won’t be in fullscreen. The game will remain in their original programed size.

Q: I’ve bought a cable for my Nokia 3650/7650/6600 but it won’t work. Why?
A: There are no data-cables. These cables are only for service needs and are not capable to transfer data to your phone. The 7610 is the first Symbian OS phone of Nokia which can use a cable (besides of the Communicator – but they are a different story)

Q: Where are my messages saved?
A: If your phone saves them within the phones memory they are in c:\system\mail. If they are saved on the MMC (not on all S60 phones possible) they are in e:\system\mail

Q: I’ve formatted my MMC with a card reader, now I can’t access the card with my phone. What now?
A: You’ve formatted it with the wrong file system. If you want to reformat it with the card reader, choose FAT16 (or only FAT – depends on how you OS calls it) as files system, not FAT32! Or reformat the MMC with your phone, this way all standard folders will be created too.

Q: How can I copy & paste text?
A: Press and hold down the pencil key (on Siemens SX1 it’s the big arrow up button). Now you can mark the text by using the direction key. To copy, just press “copy”. To insert the text press and hold down the pencil key and press “paste”

Q: Where to put my ringtones?
A: Ringtones should be stored in the “Sounds” folder on your MMC or within the phones memory. You can, if you want, sort them into the two subfolders “Simple” and “Digital”.

Q: How do I install an app/ a game?
A: There are many ways.
Nokia PC Suite bounds sis-files to its installer. You should be able to install them easily by double clicking on the sis-file (a connection should be made already!).
Same does the Siemens Data Suite
Or you can send it over to the phone (IrDA or Bluetooth) and open it and it will install automatically. Or you can upload it with a card reader to the MMC and install it from there by open the file. For this method you need FExplorer or SeleQ to gain full access to the MMC.
The rest will be prompted and is easy to understand.

Q: Which Symbian OS version does my phone use?
A: Nokia3600/3620/3650/3660/7650/N-Gage/N-Gage QD, Sendo X/X2 and Siemens SX1 are using v6.1
Nokia 3230/6260/6600/6620/6670/7610 are using v7.0s
Nokia 6630/6680/6681/N70/N90 use Symbian OS 8.0
Nokia N91 uses Symbian OS 9

Q: How can I upgrade my Symbian OS to a newer version?
A: You can’t.

Q: How do I format my phone?
A: The following should work on all Series 60 phones
– Normal Reset (*#7780#) : Restores ini files from rom but preserves user data (photos, 3rd party apps etc)
– Deep Reset (*#7370#) : This reformats completely the C: drive. All applications and files stored on this drive will be lost and clean default files will be rewritten.

In both case, the phone will ask you a confirmation and you will have to enter a security code (12345 by default).

Files and applications stored on E: drive are not be affected by these sequences.

On the Siemens SX1 there is also another there is also another method available. Hold down the * and the # key and turn it on.
The phone will start the formatting process without confirmation!
Files and applications stored on E: drive are not be affected by this.

There is a third method for Symbian OS 7 (or higher):
Turn phone off, press and hold the green (talk) key on the left + number 3 on the keypad + the * key and then turn the phone back on.

The phone will start the formatting process without confirmation!
Files and applications stored on E: drive are not be affected by this.

Q: How do I get the MAC adress of the bluetooth device of my phone?
A: *#2820#

Q: My phone reacts quite slow when opening the menu or starting apps, how can I speed it up?
A: You can speed up the phone by setting the time of the “Recent calls register” to one day (30 days by default). It depends on you how important the “Recent calls register” is for you.


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